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Upgrade from PC Card Catalog version 2.x
PC Card Catalog version 3.5x

If you are a current PCCC user (version 2.7x or earlier) you will want to consider moving up to version 3. Look at the What's New description. We think you will be as excited as we are about the new features.

Library Concepts must charge an upgrade fee. We have worked to keep this charge as reasonable as possible.

Please note the ordering details and pricing below.

UPGRADE Pricing for v2.x to v3:
  Prices shown are for single-user licenses.
  Please Contact Us for network pricing.
  Prices are subject to change without notice.

PCCC [standard] (v2)
      to BASIC(v3): US$339.95
PCCC [standard] + Circulation (v2)
       to CIRCULATION(v3): US$429

To order the upgrade, please send:
1) Name of organization & version 2 Authorization Number(s)
Copy of the statement/e-mail receipt showing items ordered.

2) Payment (check or money order)(Credit card payment is available. Documentation [#1 above] is required under separate cover.)
[Users outside the US, please contact us regarding other payment options.]

3) Current shipping address to:
     Library Concepts
     PO Box 330001
     Fort Worth, TX   76163-0001

Read this before you UPGRADE:

To enjoy the many new and exciting features that Version 3 has to offer, current users of Version 2.x will need to UPGRADE their programs and their data. This is not an UPDATE which we make available at a lower cost. The UGRADE process requires a format conversion in your library's data.

Here is a description of the process:
1) Order your UPGRADE. (This is available only from Library Concepts.)
2) Send us your version 2.x data. You may send it by e-mail, CD or flash drive. (Your data includes ALL the files in the folder assigned as PC Card Catalog's Data Directory [See Utilities >> Set Preferences >> Data Directory.] If you are uncertain with this process, it might be helpful to have someone available who understands how to find files and copy them to other locations.)
3) We will convert your data to to the new format.
4) When you receive your INSTALLATION materials, follow the CD installation instructions. If you are changing computers, this is a good time to do so.
5) Once the INSTALL is complete, you will start your PC Card Catalog v3.x with your data in place and ready to run.
6) A 90-day Support Subscription is included with your UPGRADE. It is highly suggested that you maintain your Support Subscription for a modest annual cost.

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