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What's NEW in Version 3.x?
Added Entries - Alternate Authors - joint author, illustrator, editor, etc.
Alternate Titles - Analytic titles such a poem titles in a collection
Series Titles - a list of Series Titles that are a part of a Series. Titles link to Series list.
(This SERIES TITLE feature has been highly complimented by patrons and librarians alike!)

Cross References - refer to other entries in the catalog. Useful for pseudonyms, alternate words. (SEE and SEE ALSO references)
Bound-With's - multiple titles in a single binding, a collection.
Catalog uses color and text cues to distinguish various categories. Color Flag (¦)indicates a MEDIA item. Italics indicates an alternate title, author or subject. Text colors distinguish SERIES TITLES and CROSS REFERENCES.
Donor information is maintained Bookplates can be printed from donor information.
One-Click ISBN cataloging from the Library of Congress. No more 'messy' MARC imports. -- Requires Internet access and a current Support Subscription.
Items may be RESERVED for a patron. Items are reserved by title so that any copy of an item can serve the reservation.
The CLASS/FAMILY field can be defined to match the needs of your library.

Additional item fields have been added:
** Location
** Profiles (user-defined codes for special categories such as LP - large print),
** Age Code,
** Additional spine label line
** ON ORDER flag

** Series subtitle sequence
** Cross references.

Field sizes increased.
Shelf-order listings follow the newly-instituted standards for series title sequence order.
Supplied with PRINTED manual.
Custom Reports permit the creation of your own reports in any order and selecting any field.

BACKUP feature built-in.

Improved online HELP. New "QUICK!" feature has "1, 2, 3 how to" instructions. Makes the already easy-to-learn PCCC that much easier!
'Filtering' defines additional criteria for printed lists. For example, a list may now be limited to a range of accession or copyright dates to create a list of 'new titles.'
Additional printed list choices: Donor list, Honoree list, Bar Code list, and the new Holdings Report.
User-defined fields, custom Spine label formatting and screen Spine Label "image" simplify finding items on the shelf.
The new USAGE LIST shows how many times each item has been checked out and its most recent check date. The perfect report for "weeding."
Librarian can 'toggle' several activity details:
** Display Donor information in the Catalog
** Check Out/In screen returns to Out or In after a "Save."
** Select "Family" or "Class" tag.

Lists of items out or overdue can be printed by Class/Family.
Catalog 'quick-search' letter keys can be sequenced for faster catalog lookup.
Display or print the "labels to be printed" list. Display all the unused Accession Numbers.

Overdue/Fine notices can now be printed on postal card stock. Or better...E-MAILED!

Librarian can access certain setup files for editing within the program. This includes the Overdue Notice return address, the Keyword Ignore file.


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