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Library Concepts offers the following additional services:

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We offer a subscription-based support option that is renewed annually. (Renew Now) With our SUPPORT, subscribers receive:

  ** PRIORITY E-MAIL responses to e-mailed questions. Replies are typically returned the same business day.

  ** PHONE SUPPORT during business hours (9 am to 5 pm Central time) within the US only.

  ** UPDATES are provided to current subscribers at no additional cost as they are released.

  ** ADDITIONAL FEATURES, specifically instant ISBN cataloging [qLOC], require a current SUPPORT subscription

SUPPORT for ancillary programs such as HomeWork, PUBLIC ACCESS ReInstate, etc., will impose additional modest costs.

The SUPPORT cost is based on your system configuration. See Pricing for details.


A one-day training session is now available for your staff at your location. The cost is based on a one-day Session Fee (US$800) plus travel expenses for our trainer. Please contact us for scheduling and pricing. Because the training is necessarily interactive, we suggest classes be limited to 35.

The curriculum first takes your staff through the main features of PC Card Catalog or CONCEPT I, focussing on the common day-to-day activities included in BASIC and CIRCULATION. The second session draws attention to the more subtle features with an emphasis on how to use them in your library. A final session deals with issues such as networking and program structure. We also study the peripheral programs like OurLibraryOnline web catalog or Public Access (OPAC) or CONCEPT I ADMIN as appropriate.

We do not provide cataloging or library administrative training other than where these items overlap the use of PC Card Catalog and CONCEPT I.


Designed for larger, networked installations, we provide on-site technical staff to work with your network administrator. The purpose of "commissioning" is to complete and confirm the final set-up of a multi-user PC Card Catalog, CONCEPT I or web/intranet-based Net Card Catalog installation.

The cost is based on a one-day Commissioning Fee (US$800) plus the travel expenses for our technician. Please contact us for scheduling and pricing.


Many PC Card Catalog and CONCEPT I installations have converted their data from other library programs. We offer a single-fee conversion for data to the PC Card Catalog or CONCEPT I format. The programs we can convert are:
   Library Manager
   Librarians Helper
   Library Program
   Microsoft Excel
   Microsoft Access

The cost for conversion of any of the programs noted above is US$369. It is not dependent on collection size. Please contact us for details on sending data.

If your program is not listed, we may still be able convert your data. It may be much easier than you imgaine. In other situations, custom programming may be required In any case, let us look over your data files (at no charge) and give you a conversion proposal. Contact us.

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