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Library Concepts, formerly known as Diakon Systems, is responsible for the design and development of two Windows-based library applications, PC Card Catalog and CONCEPT I. It has recently added CONCEPT III, a web-based application that offers the same features but adds the many advantages of web access. The company maintains the primary sales and support functions for these products.

DIAKON Systems was established in the early 1983 as a custom software design company. Early products included PC-based software supporting banking, city government, printing, office supply sales and inventory tracking activities.

Its early library management development began in 1984 with a shareware product called CASSY, designed to print catalog cards and Accession/Shelf lists. This product had its initial impetus because of a personal involvement with church library work. At the time, there were no inexpensive PC software packages that could manage catalog cards. Hence the need.

In 1987 DIAKON Systems developed a more advanced system called LIBRARY MANAGER for marketing mostly to church libraries by another firm.

The company expanded the original CASSY program to the DOS product named PC Card Catalog: professional. This was available in 1989. As Windows evolved into the operating system of choice, the product was redesigned for the Windows 95/NT platform.

In 1998 PC Card Catalog:Windows was released. The program name was shortened to PC Card Catalog when version 3.0 was released (April 2002). This program has been under constant update and development since that time as seen by the recent release of PC Card Catalog version 3.5 and CONCEPT I. In 2018, CONCEPT III, a web-based ILS, was released and has been experiencing an excited, growing customer base.

Since 2003, our company has been known as Library Concepts.

Program development and testing have revolved around an actual library at a church, Wedgwood Baptist in Fort Worth, Texas, where the Library Concepts principles are active.

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