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Library Concepts has drastically reduced the cost of its annual SUPPORT fee. It now makes great sense to maintain your Support Subscription so you won't miss any software UPDATES and will have ready access to the Support staff by phone and e-mail. (RENEW SUPPORT now.)

We are not going to ignore customers who do not have a Support Subscription, of course. We will continue to answer questions at no cost by e-mail. But software UPDATES may be more expensive and some software features (namely, the "qLOC" instant cataloging feature) will only function if your Support Subscription is current. Maintaining your Support Subscription is just a good plan for all of us.

Before contacting Library Concepts SUPPORT please
check the following:
      1. Is your question answered in PC Card Catalog or CONCEPT I's HELP?
         2. Have you looked at the FAQ web page or PCCC's start-up FAQ to see
              if your question is covered there?

Support Subscribers:

1. E-mail with your question(s) using the form below. IMPORTANT: Include your Library Name to assure Priority E-mail Response.

2. When calling Phone Support, have your Library Name available as it is shown on CONCEPT I or PC Card Catalog's Title Bar. If possible call from a phone at the computer running PC Card Catalog.
If it is necessary to leave a message, please provide a convenient time for our Support personnel to return your call. Also tell us the State you are calling from and, of course, the phone number.


Free Support:

E-mail with your question(s) using the form below. Be sure you enter your Library Name as it is shown on PC Card Catalog's Title Bar.

E-mail us your Support Questions using the form below:

Library Name Required
Contact Name Required
City, State (Province) and Country Required
E-mail Address: Required
PC Card Catalog or CONCEPT I version (See HELP>>About): Required
Select: Single User

Describe the problem or question:

Phone Support: (817) 346-0928
    Please have Library Name (as shown on CONCEPT I or PC Card Catalog's Title Bar) available when making your call. Phone support is not available to customers whose Support Subscription is not current.

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