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Bar Code Scanner

Take the guess work out of your scanner purchase. Order our
    Honeywell 1300g hand-held scanner

  •  Optimized for PC Card Catalog and CONCEPT I
  •  Read Item and Patron bar codes
  •  Inventory is now a breeze with our softwares' One-day Inventory feature.
  •  Preset for Code 39 and Codabar. (User-programmable for other symbologies.)
  •  Scan ISBNs for instant (qLOC) catalog data entry.
  •  Works in your web browser. Great for searching Library of Congress, Amazon.com sites.
  •  Package includes printable bar codes that emulate three Check-screen buttons. Enormously speeds check in and check out**
  •  Easy to install. Plug scanner into a USB port. You're done!
  • Includes manufacturer's 5-year warranty.

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**  When using these codes it is possible to check out several patrons with multiple items using only the scanner, never touching the keyboard or mouse.

Scanner speeds CIRCULATION  and INVENTORY activities...you will never  be without one! again

Only US$ 349
 [Shipping & Handling add US$ 17]

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The 1300g is a high performance, hand-held bar code scanner. Using unique, linear imaging technology, it combines a bright, sharp aiming line with high resolution imaging to deliver exceptional performance. The 1300g handle is a smoothly contoured grip area with a precise "pistol-type" trigger. Its rugged construction and advanced scan/read design make it an ideal choice for the active library. An add-on stand is available to permit hands-free operation.


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